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We are constantly standing or walking throughout the day. Our toes can take a beating from the rubbing of our socks and shoes. You may just need a foot massage to ease the tension. Our professional full service nail salon offers stylish pedicures to keep you feet healthy and your toenails looking great.

Come and relax and get a professional nail salon services with us. Imagine sitting and relaxing in a spa chair as your feet get exfoliated and pampered - talk about ultimate relaxation.

If you are in need of a longer lasting pedicure, we provide a gel polish so that your nail polish can last for weeks! We can also do something fun with our nail design. Whether you are looking for something exciting or simply want a coat of classic red, Top Nails caters to all your needs

You can either walk in or make an appointment if you are interested in visiting us for our nails services. If you are interested in our pedicures, call Top Nails in Raleigh, NC today!